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Ever wanted to know what you would look like with different color eyes? Did you ever want to get attention by even changing your eye color? Have you looked for contacts to change your eye color and have not found them? You don`t have to wonder anymore. Turtle contacts offers a variety of contact lenses that will allow you to have a different eye color. Isn`t that crazy! Beyond the traditional colors of brown, blue, and green eyes they have fun colors that you wouldn`t normally see.

Some of these outrageous eye colors include purple, gray and even blackout contact lenses. They are ultimate compliment to a potentially scary Halloween costume. If you are uncertain as to what level of tone that you should get to achieve the right eye color, they have a frequently asked questions section that will help you along with a AIM address if you need an answer now.

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As you brainstorm about a halloween costume for October 31st and all of it`s festivities, keep in mind how these contacts can enhance your overall costume appeal. It would be perfect for a witch or even someone dressing up as a goth person. Either way keep it in mind because you could really have a lot of fun with these products.

Turtle Contacts

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Creepy Colored Contacts Make For Spooky Halloween Look

By: Laura Ornella
Halloween has always been my favorite season, for a variety of reasons. The overindulgence of candy, the cool fall season, and of course the costumes. Now what I have realized, throughout my many years of Halloween expertise, is that there is a certain competitiveness in coming up with an awesome Halloween costume. Some people opt to keep it somewhat traditional, and some go the extra mile to make their costumes the unthinkable. Whatever you decide, color contacts for Halloween will most likely set you apart from any of those ‘copy cats’ you may run into on this spooky night.

Let’s say you’d like to be something somewhat subdued, a witch perhaps. But you want that extra spice to set you above and beyond all those mediocre witches? Consider some green colored contacts for Halloween. Once you look into that mediocre witch you ran into on the street, she won’t even know what to do with herself. It gives you that demonic flair without the price of selling your soul!

Let’s say you’re going to rock the zombie look this year, blackout colored contact lenses for Halloween are the perfect option for that creepy, spacey, I’m-going-to-eat-your-soul look. Turtle Contacts offers tons of different colors, including purple and grey for a unique flair. So much is said with just the eyes, so why waste all that money on fancy gadgets for your costume?

Turtle Contacts is a quick and easy way to get your point across with just one look. It’s fun and a great conversation piece. Especially with all the random people you’ll meet on Halloween night, striking up a conversation about how your eyes are purple is a great way to get to know someone, although if it were me I would swear they were my natural color. Trust me, all of your friends are going to be begging you to tell them where you got your cool blackout eye contacts. You’ll be the trendsetter of the Halloween season—and it’ll all be thanks to Turtle Contacts for not breaking the bank this Halloween season!


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