Verizon FIOS review


Verizon FIOS Internet is a great service that hasn’t been available until recently in my neighborhood. It is a significant upgrade over the DSL service that used to be the only option from Verizon. The first thing I noticed is how much faster the download and upload speeds are when compared to DSL. Even with the least expensive package it is like night and day! There are so many streaming devices out there in today’s internet world that require heavy bandwidth. It’s no coincidence that Verizon had to do something to compete with the local cable company, which has been offering comparable speeds for years. My son has a Playstation 3, an Xbox, and I have a Roku video player. We have them all hooked up on our wireless network. When I want to watch a Netflix movie in high definition, he can still go online and battle his friends playing whatever games they like, all the while chatting with their headsets. I can also take my Roku anywhere else that has internet service and access my Plex Media Server that’s still at home. The FIOS upload stream serves up HD movies without a hitch!

FIOS TV is another great addition to the Verizon line of products and services. I can watch it on a regular set top box, sure, but they give me so many other options! I don’t have to pay extra for a box in my son’s room because he already has an Xbox! The mobile phone app is pretty darn cool. I don’t use it that often, but if I need to catch a score when I’m out or check the progress of a game, it’s no problem. As for programming, I can get pretty much anything that I can get from other providers through FIOS. The On Demand offerings are so plentiful I don’t need a DVR anymore. The addition of NFL RedZone is great for a football junkie like me. It would be awesome if Verizon could work out a deal to get NFL Sunday Ticket, but I’ll take what I can get. I’d also like to add a plug for the digital sound output from FIOS TV. I’ve got it hooked up to my sound system and it sounds great!

While all of the stuff I’ve already mentioned is fantastic, FIOS is not perfect. I can’t comment on the phone service because I don’t use it. The biggest problem for me is the technical support. I don’t need to call that often, but when I do it’s not a pleasant experience. There are terribly long wait times and ridiculously complicated phone prompts to navigate before I can speak to an actual live human being. The ordeal is not over at that point. It seems like I know more than the representative does about what’s wrong with my service. Verizon really needs to spend more time and effort focusing on customer service.

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