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Can Time Warner Cable Hold Up Without CBS?

By: John
It used to be the case that cable operators did not pay a fee to rebroadcast the content of broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC because they could be viewed over the air freely. Sometime in the past few years, though, this free arrangement changed and now Time Warner and the other cable operators negotiate with the broadcast networks individually to determine a rebroadcasting fee. A few months ago the negotiations between Time Warner and CBS broke down and Time Warner has since decided that they are unwilling to pay the requested fee to CBS. This decision by Time Warner leaves any Time Warner customer in several major U.S. cities unable to view CBS through their cable subscriptions.

While this situation is not all that uncommon, this particular negotiation is worthy of a little more investigation. A new company named Aereo, with a little sneaky legal justification, has started rolling out a service that rebroadcasts the free network channels without paying them a fee. Aereo is fighting the networks in court right now but if Aereo wins, then cable operators will have a new leverage over the networks. Also of note is the decision by CBS to block any Time Warner subscriber from watching CBS shows on their website, which are free to anyone who doesn`t have internet access through Time Warner Cable. This discrimination of access through internet provider has only occurred one time previously, during a dispute between Hulu and Fox. Fortunately, customer outrage caused Fox to reverse its decision.

If this situation between Time Warner and CBS continues, there will likely be a net neutrality battle held in court to determine if this blocking by CBS is legal. Surprisingly, the other cable operators have not tried to steal customers from Time Warner by holding the lack of CBS over them, though some cable providers, like AT&T, have released a super att uverse coupon code perhaps with the intent that any frustrated Time Warner subscribers might be shopping around. The lack of active solicitation of Time Warner existing affected customers, though, indicates that the other cable operators are hoping that Time Warner is able to win its dispute with CBS through negotiation or legislation. This victory would be a net benefit to all of the cable operators.

The clock is ticking on any moves to be made by Time Warner, CBS is the number one broadcast network in the country and when the fall season begins, especially the coming NFL season largely contracted through CBS, customers will start to take more notice of CBS` absence.

Carbonite Is A Smart Choice for Everyone

By: John
We are aware that navigating the net can be risky this is why there are numerous services supplied online that produces navigating the net a lot safer and easier. The best products however are those products that are derived from personal experience of the developer. As people at home and in several businesses broaden their dependence on the Internet, considerably more is risked everyday that they are using the net.

Carbonite back-up offers

Most of the people can sense that the more they involve their personal lives and business details with the great power of the Web, the more tough it is to guarantee the preservation of that material. Servers can be overload. Computers can crash. Flash drives get lost within the mix of everyday activity.

These issues have been the mere focus of Carbonite creators as they are well aware that they too have their livelihood endanger. These people are just like a home computer user, or perhaps a businessman who use the internet to grow their income. This requirement for security and back up is what drove David Friend, the inventor and CEO of Carbonite to begin an on-line service which makes using the web on a regular basis for any communication needs, a highly safe and secure endeavor.

What Exactly is Carbonite?
In the event the info is transmitted on-line it`s stored in the so called "cloud".” This virtually ethereal centralized collection of the entirety of online human online action creates traces of the data it collects.

Carbonite after that collects a portion of the cloud located in localized servers and saves this for potential uses. Whenever a client utilises the Carbonite service, they`re purchasing the chance to have their sent info encrypted by using Carbonite’s SSL (secure socket layering). Their sensitive system details and private data are well stored and may retrieve anytime in case of system failure. In case the central system malfunctioned, Carbonite then can readily retrieve, decode and gather information along with its owner.

Presently, Carbonite has stored 300 billion files, and effectively restored 20 billion files immediately after catastrophic systems failures.

Is Carbonite For Everyone?
The cloud includes the activity of everybody that utilizes the Internet for transferring data, or managing their system. Whether you`re a businessman who demands greatly on internet for your business endeavor and you usually require sending e-mail to your consumers, then this information was stored in the cloud.

In case your systems fail, a back up needs to be set up to recovery data that could be lost permanently. Carbonite service is operated by real people and they knew very well how valuable it is to retrieve every bit of data.

People using Macs and PCs in their home may use Carbonite for all types of files such as, mail, documents, pictures, music, videos and many more. Recovered files may additionally involve console settings and preferences.

Businesses could use Carbonite to back up immense loads of data which includes pay-roll, POS transactions, purchases, credits, debits and inventory specifications.

Carbonite`s Consume Plans: What exactly is it?
Listed below are Carbonite’s main back up plans and just what services they comprise of.

  • back-up all information on your computer (Mac or PC)
  • access at any time, everywhere
  • unlimited data storage as well as recovery for one computer

Home Plus:
  • everything offered in the home offer
  • external hard disk drive back-up
  • mirror image back-up

Home Premier:
  • all of the things mentioned previously additionally,
  • auto video back-up
  • courier recovery services

  • all options in the Home plan up to 250 Gigabytes as well as,
  • Web-based dashboard
  • valet installs
  • unlimited quantity of computers supported
  • NAS, HIPAA compatability

Business Premier:
  • all of the things stated earlier in Business plan additionally,
  • unlimited Windows servers
  • 500 GB with add-on choices

For more information of Carbonite`s services, go to their home page or call their main office situated in Maine or otherwise pay a visit to their regional service centers located all throughout the US.

Carbonite: Is this Expensive?
Every single package is far more cost-effective than sacrificing your entire data forever. Anyway, coupons and special offers are often available in Carbonite`s affiliate companies, local radio, television and of course online (clients may go to internet sites just like: cloudbackupoffercode).

Online discounts are usually in the form of codes used at acquisition, and can save the buyer roughly 30% on their package value. Multiple yr service packages are marked down by Carbonite itself and free trials for either Home or office deals are offered through Carbonite’s homepage. Simply login and click to enjoy the most secure online cloud back-up available.

Can We Depend On Carbonite?
Yes! Carbonite was developed in year 2005 and it was proven to retrieve 20 billion lost data files of consumers. That’s an amazing amount of valuable information.

Carbonite utilizes over 400 experienced experts and has earned numerous accolades such as:

  • 2013 Silver Stevie Award for Contact Center of the Year
  • 2012 Silver Edison for Service, innovation
  • 2011 Most Admired Startup, by the Boston Business Journal
  • 2010-2011, 500 Fastest Growing Companies, Inc. Magazine
  • 2010, 2011, 2012, One of the Best Places to Work, Boston Business Journal

Carbonite, after a free trial has got a 70% service purchase rate. What this means is a huge majority of people who try Carbonite for as little as two weeks, find the worth in permanently recruiting and relying on its services.

Information whether it is personal or business, it is still extremely important and shouldn`t be lost due to technical or equipment failures. Carbonite ensures a way that regardless of happens, your computer files and data could be recovered.

So How Exactly Does A person Get Started?
It’s as easy as checking the Carbonite home-page, entering your email address and choosing an ultra-secure pass word. If you want, download a trial of the service, or begin with a secure Carbonite package instantly. Excellent, knowledgeable and considerate customer support teams will take you step-by-step through every step of the way!

Getting the "Straight Talk"

By: John
Straight Talk, a major cellular company, has lots of cellular plans to suit almost any customer. With Straight Talk, clients have a selection of several cellular plans, some are zero contract plans which means that clients are able to change companies anytime. As an additional advantage, Straight Talk is sold through the majority of area Walmart stores and also online.

Straight Talk
Straight Talk carries many of the hottest mobile brands and models thus customers have a lot of alternatives to choose from. There`s a mobile phone for everybody, regardless if you are trying to find a basic cell phone for the unusual call you do make or perhaps mobile phone with all the special features such as a camera as well as full keyboard for people who text message and are on their cell phone virtually continually. \Straight Talk offers handsets which are touchscreen together with filled with the latest technology for individuals who appreciate their cool gadgets. Clients know that Straight Talk have a cellular phone for them.

Wouldn`t like a new phone? Straight Talk can still help by means of some of the company`s mobile only plans.

Straight Talk additionally enables you to have a brand new phone number and / or keep your old cellular phone number should you desire.

Straight Talk provides really broad coverage that is similar, if not superior, than the many other national mobile phone companies. Straight Talk prides itself in being a price-leader within the cell phone market. Customers can get a far more economical bargain when you use online straight promo codes.

Clients will find it simple to get a Straight Plan that suits their demands. By having an unlimited plan, for example, customers can talk and also text message as much as they`d like within the United States. There are unlimited plans that enable you to text message and also talk as much as you want worldwide, which is a great benefit for those who have family and friends overseas. There is also a smaller plan for those who don`t utilize a cellphone very often.

Clients hold the option to setup calling plans that will fill up automatically on a monthly basis or can easily opt to top off when necessary. It`s completely at your discretion. In addition, Straight Talk has got longer term plans, for instance 3 months, Half a year or even a yr, which clients pay in advance.

Straight Talk is a top cellular organization that will satisfy a client`s individual cell plan need.

What is Verizon FiOS

By: Rick
About Verizon
Verizon is regarded as a telecommunications leader delivering technology products for houses as well as corporations. Thanks to a number of astute purchases, Verizon is currently the biggest mobile phone service provider in the usa.

Verizon Background
Bell Atlantic along with the U.K.-based Vodafone launched a completely new U.S. telecom supplier in 1999 which went on to become what`s today named Verizon Communications. The organization is a perfect example of the vision relentlessly pursued by the forerunners, whose beginnings stretch to the innovation of the telephone during the 1800s.

During the Twentieth century, telephony organizations had been restricted regarding exactly where they were able to operate because of laws, but the Telecommunications Act of 96 changed this situation. This new rules exposed the way for a free marketplace.

Verizon is truly a telecom provider that connects both residences as well as business owners to innovative telecom services. The corporation offers mobile, broadband internet service, phone service, and tv services, to scores of homes across the nation.

Verizon FiOS
Verizon FiOS is a combined product providing Internet, telephone and tv working across fiber-optic telecom networks. The FiOS service was initially introduced in Keller Texas in September 22nd, 2005. FiOS has since grown into a top program with millions of customers in numerous areas.

Verizon offers a high quality solution at sensible costs together with extensive accessibility. With a number of selections such as HD, Prime HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD, including a variety of fantastic plans, clients will not have any trouble getting a FiOS bundle that will fit them.

FiOS Product Plans
Available bundles as well as rates often rely upon where the consumer is located and can differ among service locations. Here are some sample FiOS plans:

  • FiOS Triple Play - FiOS TV Prime HD + FiOS Internet 50/25 Mbps + Home Digital Phone
  • FiOS Double Play - FiOS TV Select HD + FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps

The Community and the Environment
Verizon takes corporate social responsibility seriously. A couple of Verizon`s important community service programs would be the Domestic Violence Program and the Device Recycling Program.

Domestic Violence Program
Among a number of other community-based initiatives, Verizon has a program which repairs aged cellular phones as well as accessories to help battle domestic assault. Verizon gives to domestic abuse victims restored cellular phones and add-ons .
Device Recycling Program
Verizon supplies a practical means for consumers to recycle used mobile phones, net books and also other wireless equipment, consequently lowering the environmental impact plus rubbish in trash dumps.

Verizon is setting an enviable model for additional telecoms, in both products together with community consciousness.

Verizon FIOS review

By: Rick
Verizon FIOS Internet is a great service that hasn’t been available until recently in my neighborhood. It is a significant upgrade over the DSL service that used to be the only option from Verizon. The first thing I noticed is how much faster the download and upload speeds are when compared to DSL. Even with the least expensive package it is like night and day! There are so many streaming devices out there in today’s internet world that require heavy bandwidth. It’s no coincidence that Verizon had to do something to compete with the local cable company, which has been offering comparable speeds for years. My son has a Playstation 3, an Xbox, and I have a Roku video player. We have them all hooked up on our wireless network. When I want to watch a Netflix movie in high definition, he can still go online and battle his friends playing whatever games they like, all the while chatting with their headsets. I can also take my Roku anywhere else that has internet service and access my Plex Media Server that’s still at home. The FIOS upload stream serves up HD movies without a hitch!

FIOS TV is another great addition to the Verizon line of products and services. I can watch it on a regular set top box, sure, but they give me so many other options! I don’t have to pay extra for a box in my son’s room because he already has an Xbox! The mobile phone app is pretty darn cool. I don’t use it that often, but if I need to catch a score when I’m out or check the progress of a game, it’s no problem. As for programming, I can get pretty much anything that I can get from other providers through FIOS. The On Demand offerings are so plentiful I don’t need a DVR anymore. The addition of NFL RedZone is great for a football junkie like me. It would be awesome if Verizon could work out a deal to get NFL Sunday Ticket, but I’ll take what I can get. I’d also like to add a plug for the digital sound output from FIOS TV. I’ve got it hooked up to my sound system and it sounds great!

While all of the stuff I’ve already mentioned is fantastic, FIOS is not perfect. I can’t comment on the phone service because I don’t use it. The biggest problem for me is the technical support. I don’t need to call that often, but when I do it’s not a pleasant experience. There are terribly long wait times and ridiculously complicated phone prompts to navigate before I can speak to an actual live human being. The ordeal is not over at that point. It seems like I know more than the representative does about what’s wrong with my service. Verizon really needs to spend more time and effort focusing on customer service.

Finally, check our Verizon FIOS page for updates on the latest promotions.

A Quick Review of Carbonite

By: Dave
We`re all well aware of how important third-party, cloud-based online backup and storage can be in this day and age, but many aren`t sure of where to begin due to the almost limitless options available. There`s Dropbox, Mozy, SugarSync, iCloud and SkyDrive, to name just a few. Those are great services and worth a look by anyone in need of reliable cloud storage, but today we`ll review an old favorite, Carbonite. One of the first cloud storage services to gain widespread acceptance on the web, they`ve offered their own unique brand of online backup to Windows and Mac users since 2006.

Carbonite Features & Performance

There are essentially two basic backup packages offered by Carbonite for home backup, the Home Office plan and the Small Business plan. The Home Office Plan is designed with the individual in mind and provides unlimited backup for one PC for a mere $59 per year. It supports file and folder backup as you`d expect, and offers mobile and desktop access via a downloaded client program. The Small Business plan is more full-featured, offering 250 GB of storage for any number of computers you`d like starting at $229. Adding more computers and users to your plan will ratchet up the price incrementally.

Ease of Use and General Operation

Once you sign up for a plan, you`ll be directed to download and install the appropriate client for your operating system. Afterwards, the initial setup wizard will guide you through the backup process, prompting the user to select folders and files that they`d like to copy. If you select general folders, Carbonite will automatically backup data files like documents, images, music, videos and more. It won`t automatically sync executable files and programs, or any individual files over 4 GB, such as disk image ISOs.

User Reviews & Feedback

When you compare Carbonite`s pricing scheme to its primary competitors, you quickly realize it`s one of the best overall deals online as far as backup is concerned. Though the financial calculations make Carbonite appealing, a better way to evaluate any cloud storage service is to go straight to the users to see how well it performs in real life. The user-generated feedback demonstrates that Carbonite`s dedicated customers are more than satisfied with the service. Mainstream critical response is similarly positive. According to the Boston Globe: "Carbonite is just about flawless. Just install it, launch it, and forget about it."

The Verdict

When you take into account Carbonite`s reputation, incredible value and excellent user reviews found online, it`s tough to make the argument that Carbonite isn`t every bit as good as its rivals. Though it may not be the trendy cloud storage service all the hip kids use like Dropbox, it`s arguably the best available at the moment. If you need more than just a few GBs of storage space for an extended period of time and a service you can count on to safeguard your data no matter what, Carbonite`s the cloud backup service for you.

How to Save Money with Printable Coupons How to Save Money with Printable Coupons

By: Tyler
If you are interested in saving money each month on the items you need to buy for you and your family, then you must consider using printable coupons. You can find printable coupons for almost anything you need to buy including grocery items, household cleaning supplies, paper products, toys, books, and more. To get started in this endeavor, you just need to learn how to save money with printable coupons.

You can get started by searching through all of the online printable coupons that are available. You want to check the site periodically because the coupons get updated frequently. This means that you will be able to find different coupons each week for a wide variety of products. As you conduct your coupon search, pay attention to the exact product the coupons is for and how much of a savings you can get when you use the coupon.

You will notice that each coupon is different. Some coupons are for a certain dollar amount off of an item while other coupons are for a certain percentage off of the purchase price. This means that you might find one coupon for $1.00 off of a product or a coupon for 20 percent off of one item. Read each coupon carefully to see if you have to buy a minimum number of items to get the special deal or if you there are any other special stipulations that might apply.

Once you have looked through all of the coupons and chosen the ones you want, you simply print the coupons. Once you have the printed coupons, you can start researching how you can save the most money. There are several ways to do this.

You can start by browsing all of your local ads that come in your newspaper. Look for items in the sales ads that you know you have coupons for, which will mean additional savings for you. For example, let`s say that the store is having a sale on a certain product. The regular price might be $3.99, but the store has it on sale for $2.00. If you have a coupon for $2.00 off of that item, you can get it for free. You simply have to wait for the sale to start. If the store runs out of the item before you get there, ask for a rain check.

When you are watching the ads for great sales, also watch for buy one, get one free deals. You can really rack up the savings when you combine a buy one, get one free promotion with your coupons. Some stores will let you use two coupons on buy one, get one free sales since you are actually buying two items. This means that you double your savings.

When you actually visit your local stores, make sure you visit the clearance section or the section that houses discontinued products. You should always shop with coupons in tow, so you will be ready in case you run up on a great buy while you are in the store. You can find great products at reduced prices in the clearance bin, and you can still use your coupons, too.

While you are shopping, watch for unadvertised sales. Some stores offer special deals, but do not advertise these deals online or in their printed ads. If you learn to watch for the sales, you will be surprised at how many you can find. If you shop with your extra coupons with you, then you can search through your coupons to find great deals while you are actually in the store. Another tip is to search stores` websites for additional deals and sales. You can visit stores` websites and sign up for e-mail alerts, which will give you advance notice of great sales. Some stores even offer special discounts for people who sign up online. All you have to do is match the sale items with items that you have coupons for to get great prices.

Some stores allow customers to use one store coupon and one manufacturer`s coupon on the same item. Let`s say a store has an item on sale for $4.00. You can use a store coupon for $2.00 off of the item, and you can use your manufacturer`s coupon for $1.00 off of the same item. This means that you would only pay $1.00 for the item. Since each store is different, you will need to read each store`s coupon policy, which can usually be found on the store`s website.

In summary, the best way to save money with printable coupons is to do your research before you go shopping to find the best deals. Never buy until you know that you have gotten the best possible price. Your goal should be to never pay full price for anything again.

Creepy Colored Contacts Make For Spooky Halloween Look

By: Laura Ornella
Halloween has always been my favorite season, for a variety of reasons. The overindulgence of candy, the cool fall season, and of course the costumes. Now what I have realized, throughout my many years of Halloween expertise, is that there is a certain competitiveness in coming up with an awesome Halloween costume. Some people opt to keep it somewhat traditional, and some go the extra mile to make their costumes the unthinkable. Whatever you decide, color contacts for Halloween will most likely set you apart from any of those ‘copy cats’ you may run into on this spooky night.

Let’s say you’d like to be something somewhat subdued, a witch perhaps. But you want that extra spice to set you above and beyond all those mediocre witches? Consider some green colored contacts for Halloween. Once you look into that mediocre witch you ran into on the street, she won’t even know what to do with herself. It gives you that demonic flair without the price of selling your soul!

Let’s say you’re going to rock the zombie look this year, blackout colored contact lenses for Halloween are the perfect option for that creepy, spacey, I’m-going-to-eat-your-soul look. Turtle Contacts offers tons of different colors, including purple and grey for a unique flair. So much is said with just the eyes, so why waste all that money on fancy gadgets for your costume?

Turtle Contacts is a quick and easy way to get your point across with just one look. It’s fun and a great conversation piece. Especially with all the random people you’ll meet on Halloween night, striking up a conversation about how your eyes are purple is a great way to get to know someone, although if it were me I would swear they were my natural color. Trust me, all of your friends are going to be begging you to tell them where you got your cool blackout eye contacts. You’ll be the trendsetter of the Halloween season—and it’ll all be thanks to Turtle Contacts for not breaking the bank this Halloween season!

Get great selection and savings with The Paint Store Coupons

By: John Raymond
In a few weeks, both me and my Fiance will be moving into our first house. It`s very exciting as you can imagine. We are both in our early 30`s and it`s taken us this long to save up money for a house. The process of buying a house was pure hell and it`s not over just yet. We still have to close but everything looks good to go. One of our first decisions with the new house is what color are we going to paint everything. The house we are buying has a amazing arrangement of flowers around the house. However, the interior is painted grey and the upstairs bedroom (master bedroom is painted purple). Yes purple! Even the ceilings are purple.

We are pretty much putting every dime we have into the down payment so our paint fund is limited. This is why we are looking to save money by seeing what deals we can find online. We noticed that there were The Paint Store coupons on couponland and decided to take a peek. Needless to say with a purple bedroom and ceiling we are going to a lot of supplies to carry out this job. That`s what the paint store offers - paints, paint bushes, rollers, sprayers and even clothes to help coat your new homestead.

We are still debating what colors we want to use but it`s good to know that we have all of these great products at our fingertips to select from. Check out The paint store when you have a chance.

Save on earphones with Gadgettown coupons

By: John Raymond
I`m picky about my earphones. How many people have you met have said that. You could assume I`m overly sensitive about my fashion sense and want to look good while strolling along walking or running jamming to my mp3 player. But that`s actually not the case at all. Why am I so picky? Because good head phones can last you a long time. So unless you are desperate it helps to shop around for not only quality headphones but also for cheaper headphones. All goes out the window when one headphone goes out. That drives me nuts and I can`t work out with music playing in one ear.

Regardless I`m picky because if you are working out with headphones, you want ones that stay on when you are doing your workout routine. I cannot tell you how many times my headphones have come off when doing sit ups, running, or even just randomly. Earbud headphones have become more and more popular the last few years but if you are doing an intense workout, your ears get sweaty and the buds pop out every once and a while. There have been times when running laps when I`ve had to adjust my earbuds falling out of my ear and I look like I have a nervous twitch or am just plain crazy.

I found coupons recently for a store called Gadgettown that has decent headphones for low prices. You can use these Gadgettown Coupons to save even more in getting a discount on a site purchase. They have quality earbud headphones as well as old school heavy duty 80`s headphones to jam with. Those are fun when you have to use headphones at work.

My headphones are a essential part of my daily workout or my frequent long dog walks. It`s always good to keep a few extra on hand in case one side burns out. Check out Gadgettown and use their Gadgettown coupons to make a purchase.

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